Those bewildered minds,
With broken dreams
Those restless eyes,
With shattered souls
Impatiently awaited,
For the miracles to happen
Gazing above into the abyss,
Hoping for GOD to come
To put away the misery,
They themselves jumped in


No one knows everything But everyone knows something.

Some of us know the importance of education, but some of us does not know. I live in an environment where a lot of people think that education only means that you would get a job. They think it’s the only way to earn money. Do we think in that way as they do? Yeah, I used to think in the same way.

Someone changed my point of view. When I was on my way to home from a city which is 60 miles away. It was a very sunny day. The temperature was about 105 degree Fahrenheit. I went there to take the admission test of a university. Unfortunately, I was unable to secure admission at the university; but the day proved to be fruitful as I have learned a lesson which I can never forget. I had to travel in a wagon which is slower than other vehicles and probably not a good way to travel, but I had to because that day I did not have enough money that I could travel on something else which is better than a wagon.. But that journey of mine taught me a lesson.

I got a seat in the middle of a wagon. The driver was talking to the front seat passengers. Driver dropped the front seat passengers as we were out of the city. Then I got the front seat. Driver was very friendly and kind of chatty. Then the driver introduced himself. Then I asked him about those passengers. He told me that one of those two ladies was his mother. As we were talking, the driver told me that all the persons in his family are educated, but he is the only one in his family who is illiterate. I asked him what the reason was that you did not get educated. The driver said, He is the sole breadwinner in his family. He wanted to get an education, but could not. His father passed away long ago. As he was the elder than all of his siblings so he had to earn money for his family. Whenever he crossed a sign board he looked at it as he wanted to say something. Then we were talking about the jobs. I told him, If someone wanted a job at least he must pass 12th class. If he wanted a job he should do the same. He replied, Getting education is not about the job, it’s always about the knowledge. He said it by pointing at a poster and a sign board, Whenever I crossed them, I just wished that I was educated so that I could read those words. I wished I could read. He asked can he get educated now. I said yes, there is no limit of age to get an education. That day I understand the real meaning of education. And I was so ashamed on my thinking that I was thinking. That man who was not even educated told me the real meaning of education. I am very thankful to that person who told me the real meaning of education.